Hermandad Guadalupana NC








Hermandad Guadalupana NC


This dance is a remembrance of the ranchers who lived in this region of the Costa Chica of the state of Guerrero, Mexico.
It is characterized by the fact that its characters, called cowboys, represent the ranches that participate in the herding of these cattle, another characteristic is that it is danced to the beat of the Costa Chica sounds. There are those who say that this dance dates back to the 17th century approximately.

The petate bull dance

It is a whole cultural tradition and popular religiosity in our region of the Costa Chica of the state of Guerrero, Mexico

Tradition and culture: it is transmitted from generation to generation, carefully preserving its originality and level of community organization.

Popular religiosity or Faith: this celebration is dedicated in homage or veneration to the festivity in honor of San Nicolás Tolentino, who in this region is considered the protector of livestock.

In the United States of America

“The children of the Hermandad Guadalupana NC.”

With the aim that the children born here of parents from the region of the small coast of Guerrero, know their roots (open and with a general invitation to all to participate), these works are started through the art that is music (sones and Chilean) and dance (choreography and costumes)

With effort and dedication we want to transmit: tradition and (regional) culture, as well as popular religiosity through veneration and faith.

Contact: Ms. Rafaela Ramirez