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tina alberni

Tina Alberni is dedicated to art full time. More than thirty years ago she obtained her bachelor’s degree in art education with a concentration in printmaking.

She defines herself as a semi-abstract artist. The aesthetic of his work combines expressive and graphic elements in all bodies of work. Like his years in printmaking, his process is intentional and rational, but his creative journey flows through intuition.

Alberni grew up between Puerto Rico, Colombia and Miami. Her bi-cultural and vibrant heritage and experience are woven throughout the fabric of her art, layering in a variety of techniques and materials with geometry, color and symbolism merging to complete a narrative.

In his current work, Alberni examines and responds to the current and changing realities facing all forms of life at the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels, delving into humanity’s impact on the world and what happens when humans can’t seem to coexist in balance with nature and technology.

Over the past 3 decades, she has held various creative roles as a former gallery co-owner, art manager, educator, graphic designer, and director of marketing for her own company. He has also served on various boards and jury panels and has received multiple scholarships and awards. His art is in various private and corporate collections and has been shown and sold in the US as well as abroad. His work has been published both through print and digital media.

Commission work, corporate partnerships, and alternative space exhibits lend important support to his practice.