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Jeannifer jean sandoval

Jeannifer Jean Sandoval was born in Mexico City before immigrating to Los Angeles, California in the early 1990’s. She studied Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles where she earned a BFA in Painting. Her work has been included in exhibitions at various galleries including La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Art Share LA, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Visual Art Exchange Gallery and the Vincent Price Art Museum among others. She currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The focus of my work has been of objects and representations of items that remind me of my childhood. As a painter my interests are to represent these objects to the best of my ability by not only portraying them realistically, but by giving them life through an energy that can only be transmitted through a great deal of contemplation. The energy and sentiment transferred from paint brush to a blank surface with the intent that the energy is felt by the viewer is my main goal. Intentionally, I aim to capture a sensation of nostalgia and even a faint memory of the object or place as well as the actual resemblance. My hope is that these images will come to life in one’s mind and spirit. Viewers who recognize the image are welcomed to create their own stories and remember any part of their life where these things might have existed. My hope is that the viewer is stimulated to create a conversation with themselves as they reflect on their own experiences.

I keep a visual journal of my travels through the rendering of landscapes, from which I find peace and identity. As an immigrant from Mexico City, I have experienced variety of lifestyles and seen unimaginable terrain. I contemplate on how different my life is now from the one I knew growing up in Mexico and realize that all my experiences have embedded themselves deeply my mind. Consciously I collect memories and paint my way through life, like a ritual or homage.